What magic do you hold with in you? In a healing session I bring through the Divine Energies and your being shifts and aligns according to your needs (not mine), like the pieces of a jigsaw slowly coming back together.  You discover your own magic, depths and heights.

There are many levels that healing may be able to help you with, although the outcome is always down to the individual, and the your journey is yours alone and will go at the speed that you are ready for.  Be aware you will sometimes have some processing to do after the session as the Divine Energies move through your system, bringing you in line with your own Divine Vibration.

What I do is follow my guidance which is led by what you need to increase your vibration.  I work with sound, hands on healing, gongs, clearing past lives, healing shadow aspects whatever you need to release all that is no longer serving you. I can help you draw your healing from within, clearing the path back to the Divine you. Everything that I do comes from you, I am guided by your Higher Self  but the work comes from within you and the Divine Energies.

If your heart is singing to these words, come and see me for a healing try it see expand, connect and be.

Please contact me on amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk to arrange a healing or if you have any questions. Healings are £70 (£50 for low or unwaged) for 75mins from my home in Croydon.

Limited Skype sessions are available. 

Please note that a full fee cancellation charge will apply where there is less than 24 hours notice.