About Me

As a Crone,  I can now see my life experiences in a more drawn out way like an eagle soaring above gazing down.  I can see the events that have led to where I am now and I am finding deeper levels of compassion and oneness with the Earth and the Universe as I rest in the Crone Cave.

I have been working as a Way-shower/Healer/Medicine Woman for the last 13 years. In all that time I still haven’t found a word that sits perfectly for me or describes the totality of what I do but this combination will do for the time being.

I am trained in singing, healing gong, reiki, hands on healing and I channel Angel song and guidance; but my work is (I believe) more than the sum of its parts.  Every Clearing and Expansion appointment is unique and dependent on the person in front of me. During a session, I find clients and I wind our way through the layers of what arises for them that day and it becomes clear where the work is as the wounds, shadows, trauma and gifts are revealed and the issues of highest priority are unveiled.

If you would like to ask any questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk.

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