A few years after I started work, I was offered the words “Portal of Light” to describe what I do, what I am, I resisted.

But as time goes on – and it has been 12 years now – I find the words I am using are not enough or perhaps too much –  healer, wayshower, sound healer – when what I feel what I do is simpler.  I step into the Portal of Light and connect to my Highest Self in as egoless way as I can to bring through the purest vibration of the Light, Spirit, the Divine (whatever words feel good to you) and offer clearing of the physical and emotional blocks to the Light within you; this Light is already perfect already at its highest vibration. 

As the energy flows through me I use my voice, healing instruments, and hands on healing to offer a connection to the Light within you, an awakening, an expansion, a way to begin to clear the parts of your personality and emotions that are no longer serving you because they are not really you but the weight of your experiences, you are already perfect.  As your Light shines and brings clarity of vision for self you are enabled to start to work on yourself more deeply as you see your patterns of thought and behaviour more clearly and you come into fuller consciousness.

Connect and Be has always been at the core of my work Connect to the Light, The Universe, the Divine and be the Light, the Universe, the Divine Being you have always been. Become your own Portal of Light

Is this magical and mystical work of connecting to your Light for you? The truth is you will only know if you have a session, but if you are reading this I believe there is a reason, a reason you have found me. Come and experience the beauty and power of connecting to the Light for yourself.

At Events you can experience deep meditation and  experiences through a Retreat Day or at the Sonic Soul Choir . Please click on each event for more information.  For dates see the bar on the right side of this page. Please note to attend events or choir you will need to have come for at least one healing or be a client referral.


“Working with Amanda is Pure Love.”

“I really truly want to thank you for my healing. Things have shifted hugely for me, I feel the happiest that I ever remembered it. It’s amazing feeling to have a body! To feel so alive! I don’t know even how to describe it – I’m so grateful.”

“…I strongly recommend anyone dealing with stress, inner turmoil or physical issues to seek support, help and guidance from Amanda who is intuitive, insightful and will challenge you to look into yourself to find the right path to enlightenment.”

“After working with Amanda for some months I felt my body and spirit holding hands and dancing, it was wonderful.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday it was truly amazing  for first ever felt being in state of ultimate bliss! Wow and finally felt the weight being lifted off my shoulders. So light  Thank you for holding space for all the magic to happen.”

“When Amanda sounds she is a portal of Light.”


A 75mins session in person is £80 to book email me on amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk

Limited Zoom sessions (£80 for a 60min session) are available however, currently the list is full, do get in touch and I can put you on the waiting list.

For more testimonials click here.

I am a member of the Association of Therapeutic Healers, an organisation which is committed to maintaining standards and developing the healing profession and requires continuing professional and personal development for its members.

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