“Thank you for the clear and beautiful Light you bring to the World.”

“…I strongly recommend anyone dealing with stress, inner turmoil or physical issues to seek support, help and guidance from Amanda who is intuitive, insightful and will challenge you to look into yourself to find the right path to enlightenment. ”

“‘Amanda’s healing is extraordinarily powerful and unlike any other healing modality that I have experienced. . ..I have found that the healing and sound quickly move through my physical body into the depths of my being… It has allowed those unhealed parts of myself an opportunity to be properly heard and freed up through the power of the angelic song and the healing energies moving though my body. I feel that I have been truly been witnessed by the Angelic realms. Thank you Amanda!”

“The gong meditation was like been flooded with Light.”

“When Amanda sounds she is a portal of Light.”

“After working with Amanda for some months I felt my body and spirit holding hands and dancing, it was wonderful.”

“Working with Amanda it is like she is lightning sending Light out, creating activations and clearing all that is ready to be released.”


Amanda kentws

Amanda’s healing holds you in a beautiful, light, divine space as your being opens to the Divine Energies and the Unified Field of Consciousness through sound, clearing, channelled guidance and her pure energy; as wounds are healed and your vibration increases.

In this way you begin to know your Divine Nature and changes on all levels occur as you bring your human experiences into alignment with your Divine Soul and dive into the Divine Flow of life.  It is as if a waterfall of Light begins to cascade down into your human experience, helping you live with the paradoxes of life with joy and unending compassion and love. Every session with Amanda is different, whether it is at a group sound event or a one to one, as individual as the people attending.

A recent client said about Amanda’s work, “Thank you so much. The healing was wonderful. Your Angelic voice channelling – so moved me. Opened my heart to such so much abundance… love and beauty…..wow…… ” 


A 75mins session is £70 to book email me on amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk or contact me.  

For more testimonials on Amanda’s work click here, and for more information on her healing sessions see healing.

At Sound Events you can experience deep meditation and healing through a Gong Bath Meditation; sound your own sense of Connection and Being in a Sonic Soul Choiror immerse yourself in your Highest Vibrational Aspect on a Half day or day Retreat. Please click on each event for more information.  For dates go to the Events Calendar.

Amanda is a member of the Association of Therapeutic Healers, an organisation which is committed to maintaining standards and developing the healing profession and requires continuing professional and personal development for its members.

For more information or if you have any questions contact Amanda on amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk

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