✨✨The way I see us is as Perpetual Divine Stars, contained in human bodies.  Yes our human bodies exist in the linear 3D world and we need to honor that, it is why we came, but at our centre is a Portal of Light that we can drop through into our eternal, boundlessness that is the Light, the Divine, the Universal Flow.  If we drop into that we connect to the endless energy of Divine Light and we become those Perpetual Divine Stars sending our Light out endlessly, effortlessly.✨✨ April 2023

A few years after I started work, I was offered the words Portal of Light to describe what I do, I initially resisted this label, but over the course of my 12-year journey, I’ve found that the traditional labels of healer, wayshower, and sound healer don’t fully capture the essence of my work

I feel my purpose is step aside to bring through the purest vibration of the Light, Universe, and the Divine and by doing so align you with the boundless Light connection within you, like a tuning fork vibrating you back into your pure connection.  I offer clearing of physical and emotional blocks to allow the Light within you to shine. During sessions, I hold you in a High Vibrational Stream of Divine Light Energy, of Love, and the flow of the Universe. I use my voice, healing instruments, and hands-on healing to awaken and expand your connection. This can lead to clarity of vision, deeper self-awareness, and a release of patterns of thought and behaviour that are no longer serving you helping you be the Portal of Light you are with ease and to fully embrace the Divine Being that you truly are. If you’re interested in this mystical and magical work, I invite you to book a session and experience the beauty and power of connecting to your own Light for yourself

Sacred Sonic Sound Temple Events are an incredible experience that immerse you in a High Vibrational Stream of Divine Light Energy in both Sonic Sound and Profound Silence. These events are created to help you align with Your Highest Vibrational Self, and every time you experience resonance in your body it creates a memory and that feeling becomes more and more familiar until it is second nature and you can be there whenever you want to be with a few deep breaths.

For me that is the purpose for all my work that you know where home and safety is, it is in that boundlessness that is our connection to the Universe and Divine Light.  For the latest Temple events please see the bar on the right side of this page. Please note to attend events or choir you will need to have come for at least one healing or be a client referral.

I have also some free resources on my YouTube channel Amanda Kent Online Meditation


“Working with Amanda is Pure Love.”

“I really truly want to thank you for my healing. Things have shifted hugely for me, I feel the happiest that I ever remembered it. It’s amazing feeling to have a body! To feel so alive! I don’t know even how to describe it – I’m so grateful.”

“…I strongly recommend anyone dealing with stress, inner turmoil or physical issues to seek support, help and guidance from Amanda who is intuitive, insightful and will challenge you to look into yourself to find the right path to enlightenment.”

“After working with Amanda for some months I felt my body and spirit holding hands and dancing, it was wonderful.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday it was truly amazing  for first ever felt being in state of ultimate bliss! Wow and finally felt the weight being lifted off my shoulders. So light  Thank you for holding space for all the magic to happen.”

“When Amanda sounds she is a portal of Light.”


Sessions are available both in person and on Zoom, with prices ranging from £80-120 as instead of raising prices this year, I’m offering a flexible price range to accommodate clients’ budgets, so find a price point which suits you. To book, please email me at amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk

An at Home Bespoke Healing  – a half day retreat in your home. If you would like a mini retreat and healing in your home for 3 hours where I will bring the gongs instruments and treatment table to your space get in touch for prices

For more testimonials click here.

I am a member of the Association of Therapeutic Healers, an organisation which is committed to maintaining standards and developing the healing profession and requires continuing professional and personal development for its members.

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