Connect and Be – a Woodland Retreat, August 2018


(The beautiful image above is by Susan Farrell )

Connect and Be – a three night women’s only woodland retreat 
Dates: Friday 10th – Monday 13th August
(arrival from 4pm Friday finishing by 12pm Monday)
Venue: The Organic Farm Shop, Abbey Home Farm,Burford Road, Cirencester, GL7 5HF (–yurts/4-yurt-ecocamp 
Exchange: £350 (payable in installments £100 deposit required to book place)

I am going back to the beautiful energy of the eco-retreat in the Cotswolds.  There are 4 yurts (maximum of 3 to a yurt) round a fire on the edge of the woods surrounded by fields and more woods.  I was last there with a group in 2016 and it was a magical experience to be held the the womb like clearing of the woods while we delved into our work.

Obviously the energy is only just being born for this retreat, I do know that this will be a retreat about connecting and being.  Connection to the the woods, to nature, to the elementals, to the Earth, to each other, to our guidance, to the Light, to our angelic natures and our primal energies.  A re-widling but also a gathering in, an expansion but also a grounding. A beingness on all levels. 

“You can see that trees
know how it is
to be bound
into the earth
and how it is to rise defiantly
into the sky.” 

 – excerpt from Hope by Dinah Hawken

This is a communal experience and you will be sharing your yurt with a maximum of two others and we will be living cooperatively e.g. food preparing together, maintaining the fire etc. You will need to bring your own bedding, mattresses are provided although a blow up bed is great if you have one. Vegetarian meals will be provided. Please note this is a basic retreat with sawdust loos and a bucket shower but this is key to the experience as we go back to the simpler ways and our mental bodies let go their hold.

Once I have clearer outline I will share more.  There will of course be sound lots and lots of sound, drums, gong and sounding to help us find our voices feel our connection to the earth and sky and stars. Journeys in and out and round about!