Sonic Soul Choir

At the Soul Choir we open a portal of Light support by Light Beings where we can sound our own Gifts for the universe Singing Our Power Songs as we work together to understand the true meaning of Oneness. We send our healing out to wherever it is called.  Through the choir you may also achieve a deeper connection to your own Light Team that surrounds you.

You can sound continually or sometimes choose to sit in silence with the sound, you do not have to be a singer it is about your vibration not the sound you make. We often are guided sound for the planet and its inhabitants, so the meditations are also an active way to participate in helping raise the Light Vibration of the planet for all beings.

Singing a Power Song – Sandra Ingerman Shamanic Teacher

“This is what happens when you sing a power song. By really allowing yourself to move into the song, your energy expands and you allow the power of spirit to interact with you.

“Before I do any spiritual healing work with a client, I sing my power song for about twenty minutes, until I am no longer experiencing mental chatter, my energy feels so expansive I can’t imagine any building that could contain it, and I am in a state of egoless divine love. Some shamans burst into tears as they sing, because of the love that is coursing through their heart.”
— Sandra Ingerman in Medicine for the Earth