Clearing and Expansion

How I feel a session flow at its highest vibration is simple. You step into the magic space of three – you, me and the Scared Space of my treatment room/ Temple Space. Bring with you a feeling, knowing or words of what you need in this session. This could be anything e.g. something you want to let go of; to create; to heal, or to discover. I invite you to simply name in a few words what you want to release and create or even just to come into the space and surrender to the session with no words. 

Your being knows the story of your life and in telling it in full you use you mind and the use of the mental body can lower the vibration both of the space and of my stream of consciousness. I am not a talking therapist which is why I suggest limiting the conversation to the most important things to you that day. Let’s stay in the Highest Vibration possible which is beyond our mental knowing and our words I don’t need your story only your dreams.  Just naming the obstacles to release and the dreams you want to create is enough to begin the dream of a new way of being. 

I invite you also to remember this is your journey, I am only a small part of your path of this lifetime.

What do you do in a Clearing and Expansion appointment?

I bring in a deep powerful connection to the flow of Light, of the Universal Divine Energies.  I channel this Highest Stream of Consciousness both in profound silence, often with my hands resting lightly on the top of your head, and with instruments to bring the energies into the 3D in a more accessible way as sound. This can be with gong, voice and chimes to create a shift in your vibration. Sound waves move easily through our bodies and with a strong healing intention, like the current of a river, the energy can clear all that is blocking the flow and transmuting all that is no longer needed back into Light. 

If you’re interested in this mystical and magical work, I invite you to book a session and experience the beauty and power of connecting to your own Light for yourself. 

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein

Please contact me on to arrange a healing or if you have any questions. 

Please note that a full fee cancellation charge will apply where there is less than 24 hours notice.


I am afraid that as a rule, I cannot speak or email responses to clients between sessions due to limits of time and energy.  There may be some processing which could manifest as an emotional release e.g. tears and there may be some tiredness, this is normal as your being adjusts. If you are struggling, do one or more of the following to assist the process: meditate every day; self-reflect on your process; have some bodywork (eg cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture etc.); do some inner writing; paint; dance; do yoga; spend time in nature. If you have done one or more of these things and do not feel better then get in touch.