Into the Woods Retreat










This is the wonderful group at the end of the amazing retreat of August 2016!

Thank you ladies for such an inspirational and incredible journey. Such a joy to be in nature and just be together.

Amanda and Kate


“You can see that trees
know how it is
to be bound
into the earth
and how it is to rise defiantly
into the sky.”  excerpt from Hope by Dinah Hawken

Come into the woods and find yourself on a special retreat offering a weekend of soul retrieval. In the elemental embrace of the wood, we will inhabit a sacred group space away from the melee and distraction of modern life. Our exploration will involve sound, dream work, shadow work, sound healing and journeying, as well as using the alchemy of group work and the ancient healing power of nature herself.

Into the Woods offers the opportunity to:

  • Experience and understand the process of soul retrieval; the gathering together of lost energetic parts
  • Spend time away from ordinary life to be still and re-connect with your soul’s purpose
  • Meet your edges and understand how to cross over into new territory
  • Gain psycho-spiritual understanding of how we relate to ourselves and others
  • Find resources and strengths beyond your current knowledge of ‘self’
  • Experience the ancient rites and traditions of using nature and group as healing tools
  • Learn how to implement the techniques of soul retrieval into your ongoing life

The Organic Farm near Cirencester–yurts/4-yurt-ecocamp/ , it is only 1.5hours away from London Paddington.  It is a beautiful eco-retreat with 4 yurts round a fire on the edge of the woods surrounded by fields and more woods.   This is a communal experience and you will be sharing your yurt with two others and we will be living cooperatively e.g. food preparing together, maintaining the fire etc. This is a women-only retreat and you will need to bring your own bedding, mattresses are provided. (Please note this is a basic retreat with sawdust loos and outdoor showers.)

12th-14th August 2016 (arrival from 4pm Friday finishing by 4pm Sunday)

£250 Early Bird booking if booked by end of April £300 after that
A non-refundable deposit of £100 required at the time of booking with balance due at the end of June
All food included (all food will be vegetarian please let us know any dietary requirements).

About us:
Kate Coffey is a qualified Healer, Integrative Psychotherapist and Regression Therapist and works as a therapist both in private practice and the public sector. She conducted her MA research into the therapeutic benefits of Shamanism and recently completed a practitioner and personal development training in Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval with Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways.

Amanda Kent works as an intuitive healer, both one to one and with groups. She uses sound and hands on healing to heal present and past life issues, offering healing to the inner child and shadow aspects whatever is needed to release all that is no longer serving the client drawing healing from within, clearing the path back to the Divine Being at the centre of everyone. She was an opera singer for 10 years before training with various sound healers and for many years with healer Carole Ingram.


If you would like to book or receive further information please contact Amanda on or Kate on .