Gong Bath Meditation

I run gong meditations at the lovely Karma Studios, Surrey House, Surrey Road, West Wickham, BR4 0JU.

Meditation is often very difficult with our busy lives but we know instinctively that finding a quiet space in our minds is so important for our well being.  Gongs have been used for centuries as a meditation tool, the sound waves give your mind something to follow while entering into a meditative state and your body becomes deeply relaxed as the vibrations move through every cell like a micro massage.

Gong baths are best received lying down to enable you to let go mats are provided but for your comfort you may want to bring a blanket for covering and perhaps a small pillow or cushion for your head if you find blocks or bolsters too hard.  It is important to be as comfortable as possible to be able to surrender to whatever meditation and healing you need.

The exchange is £15 and places are limited so it is essential to pre-book as the class is often full.  Gong Bath Meditations are payable in advance and I require a 7 day notice period after that I will refund your payment only if I find someone to fill your place. Please email me on amandajkent@yahoo.co.uk to reserve your place.

Please note that Karma studios is a shoe free studio and please contact me if you have any disabilities, serious mental health issues or are pregnant  – Gong is not suitable for those in their first trimester.

Gong is not suitable for those with tinnitus/menieres/epilepsy or any condition where the condition leave you sensitive to sound.  Any kind of metal surgical implants or screws and pacemakers can resonate with the sound and may cause discomfort.