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Gong Bath Meditations 
Day Retreats
Sonic Soul Choir

  • All events can be book by emailing  unless otherwise indicated.  
  • Events are payable in advance (ideally on booking but if you need more time to pay that is negotiable) with a 7 day cancellation policy.
  • The events with limited numbers do get booked up well in advance so if you know you want to come but can not yet pay do book and we can arrange a payment date at the time.

London   – Celebration of the Equinoxes 2 hour Gong and Soundscape

March 19th and September 22nd 7.30-9.30pm
Venue : The Studio, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, NW1 6XT
Exchange : £40

West Wickham – Gong Bath Meditation  – a deep sound meditation of healing and expansion

Dates 2019
Friday 29th November 8-9pm
Friday 20th December 8-9pm

Dates 2020
Friday 31st  January 8-9pm
Friday 28th February 8-9pm
Friday 27th March 8-9pm
Friday 24th April 8-9pm
Friday 29th May 8-9pm
Friday 26th June 8-9pm
Friday 31st July 8-9pm
Friday 28th August 8-9pm
Friday 25th September 8-9pm
Friday 30th October 8-9pm
Friday 27th November 8-9pm
Friday 18th December 8-9pm

Venue: Karma Studios, Surrey Road, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0JU
Exchange : £15 (payable in advance)

The exchange is £15 and places are limited so it is essential to pre-book as the class is often full.  Places will be payable in advance and I require a 7 day notice period after that I will refund your payment only if I find someone to fill your place. Please email me on to reserve your place.

Please note that Karma studios is a shoe free studio and please contact me if you have any disabilities or are pregnant. Gong baths are not recommended during the first and last trimester of pregnancy, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants or sensitivity to sound. They may not be suitable for some forms of epilepsy. They are not suitable for young children (14 and under) – 15 and 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health and how it might be affected by a gong bath please contact me to discuss prior to booking.

Day Retreats

Dates for 2020 TBC
Align yourself to receive your gifts on this day retreat.
Come and explore your inner world and your expansive connection on an day of gong baths, shamanic journeying, meditation and sounding. We will go into our inner worlds with gong baths and meditation; journey further in with shamanic drum where you may meet a spirit guide or power animal helper; and explore our connection using guided meditation and sound.  

London – Sonic Soul Choir

Mondays for 4 weeks 7.30-9pm
Jan 20th – Feb 10th
Mar 23rd – Apr 13th
May 18th – June 8th
Aug 17th – Sept 7th
Oct 12th – Nov 2nd,
Nov 30th – Dec 14th (3 weeks)

Venue: The Studio, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, NW1 6XT
Exchange : £72 (£54 for Dec)

A 4 week journey into our Bliss Soundscape as we sound Our Gifts collectively for the universe. A continuous 1.5 hours of sound where you can both sound and rest in the sound as we send the Light out to wherever it is needed trusting to the Higher Intent.

Please note to attend the choir you will need to have come for a minimum of one healings.